Nok mini increases flights to Nan

Nok Mini Airline

Nok Mini Airline

Nok Mini Airline saw the potential of the tourism of Nan, the land of eastern Lanna civilization; and decided to increase more flights from Chiang Mai. Owning that Nan could be grouped as a new tourism destination, it is becoming popular among both Thai and foreign tourists, and the number of visitors is increasing continuously, Nok Mini considered opening the new route from Chiang Mai to Nan since last December. After that, as its overall outcome was going well, Nok Mini launched more 2 flights in February 1, 2010.

Mr.Wanchai Choungchaikitjakarn, Vice President of Sell and Marketing Department, Nok Mini Airline, revealed that Nok Mini Airline had an intention to be a part of the development of Nan’ s economy and tourism. Also, as the airline aware of the convenient, easy, and fast journey of Nan and Chiang Mai people, the new route from Chiang Mai to Nan was opened since 5 December last year. At first, there were two flights a day. Then, as a result of a great number of passengers, the flights became 4 flights a day. The Vice President also thanked all passengers as they supported Nok Mini as always.

Mr. Wisoot Buachoom, Director, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Phrae Office, stated that it’s a pleasure that Nan’s tourism had a progress in a clear cut way. He also predicted that the tourism here would be a sustainable tourism, since the provincial organizations were mainly focusing on quality rather than focusing only on quantity. In other words, not only will tourists get back with joy but also get knowledge of eastern lanna civilization as a gift.

In order to get along with the way of Nan’s tourism, focus on culture and nature, TAT in corporate with many organizations ran the project called “Tiew Nan Sodsai Saijai Sing Wadlom” or “Enjoy Travel Nan, Care Environment” under the “Seven Greens” campaign, the Director added. The project encourages tourists to travel around the inner city of Nan by green vehicles such as tram, bicycles, and tricycles. Moreover, if tourists are interested in green adventure activities, they can find rafting to do at Nam Wa River; the famous white water rafting in Nan Province.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)