Amnat Charoen / Thailand 

Phra Mongkhon, Seven River basils, Sacred caves, Phra Lao, Beautiful islands and mountain, precious silk and religious people.

Amnat Charoen is part of lower Northeast region. The province acquires total area of 3,161 square kilometres. Its eastern boundary, at Amphoe Chanuman, is next to Mekong River. The community was firstly established during the reign of King Rama III of Rattanakosin some two centuries ago. Amnat Charoen has been part of Ubon Ratchathani until it was upgraded into province on December 1, 1993. Although it is a small and tranquil town, Amnat Charoen has various attractions distributing in different Amphoe. Visitors to Amnat Charoen can stroll around to witness sacred Buddha images, picturesque rice paddies and fruit orchards, rocky rapids of Mekong River in dry season , and excellent handicrafts particularly silk. (More …)